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We advise our Clients on everything related to Infrastructure Projects in the countries of the region under the modalities of PPP, PFI, BOT, BOO, DBC, EPC, etc. The Infrastructure projects may include the construction and operation of power plants, combined cycles, highways, nuclear power plants, dredging, power lines, oil and gas pipelines, hospitals, wind and solar farms, green projects, green buildings, shopping malls, corporate buildings, petrochemical and gas plants, ports and maritime terminals. Our service is comprehensive, covering from drafting of RFPs to the negotiation and implementation of all contracts applicable to the industry. We also cover all practice areas involved in this activity and therefore our team has the support of experts in financial, contractual, corporate, tax, labor, customs, environmental, transfer pricing, among others.

The services provided include the following:

  • Drafting of RFPs.
  • Analysis of RFPs. Consultations. Clarifications.
  • Challenges of bidding processes.
  • Sponsors JVs.
  • Contractors JVs. Drafting and negotiation of PPP, PFI, BOT, BOO, DBFO, EPC contracts.
  • Drafting and negotiation of project monitoring and control contracts (“Owner’s Engineer” or “Contractor’s Contract Management”). Risk management, evaluation and mitigation during the drafting of RFPs, specifications, bids and during the life of the project both during the construction stage and operation and maintenance.
  • Claims management.
  • Structuring the financing to carry out the project. Banks and export credit agencies and multilateral lending agencies.
  • Review and follow up of environmental and governmental approvals.
  • Drafting, analysis and negotiation of permits and private authorizations (easements).
  • Analysis, drafting of responses and formulation of “Claims”.
  • Formulation of ethic manuals and training material for subcontractors and suppliers in general.
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